Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting my liqour service permit

Getting my liqour service permit was a bit interesting.

First of all, the prospect of attending a class to get my license and then taking the test was intimidating. (This was despite me getting my food handlers card quite easily.) When I actually took take the class I found that I'd had nothing to worry about, and that it's actually pretty easy. I even scored 100% on the test. This was my first time getting the permit, too.

But then, the fun started...

Shortly after the class/test I got two separate things from OLCC (Oregon Liqour Control Commision) in the mail. 1) A postcard saying that I would be receiving my permit soon. And, 2) a letter saying that it was too soon for me to renew my service permit and that they were refunding me the $26 for my application. Oh, and they also addressed me as Mr. Rucker in the letter.

I think you can understand why I was quite confused.

When I called to find out what the heck was going on, I found out that someone else gave them my SSN two years ago. Which is why I received two contradicting things in the mail. And they had somehow entered gender down as male.

Luckily the person I spoke to at OLCC was very apologetic, and was quick to jump to fix it. They took care of the SSN problem, and fixed my gender.

Then I finally got my liqour serveric permit...and found that they had added a foot to my height.

I would be frustrated, but the people at OLCC are too helpful. So this post isn't really to complain, it's more to laugh at the things that happen. And to say I'm glad that they're quick to fix mistakes. They're sending me a new permit with my proper height, and this time it should have all my info correct.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like YOU'RE the new "Tall One" in your family!

Sarita Rucker said...

I know so little about drinks that I had to look that up.