Thursday, October 18, 2012

Drivers license

I now have a drivers license.

The test went smoothly, and I passed with a 90%. The 10% that I got dinged for was because I apparently neglected to turn my head to look in the side view mirrors. I'd thought I was doing a good job of looking around. Oops.

But still, I passed! I'll just have to make sure that use the side mirrors. And I'll work on a few other things that I didn't get dinged for, but which I'm still not entirely happy with. Such as parking and making smooth turns.

So I still have more to learn, even though I can now take to the roads without adult supervision. Heck, I still haven't driven after dark or in the rain. As such, I'll continue tagging any posts about driving with "learning to drive" instead of making a new one just saying "cars/driving."

(Totally off topic, but when I got to the DMV the building was being vacated as part of an earthquake drill. When I figured out what was going on I held the door open for people leaving the building. (Not that I would stay near a glass door in a real earthquake. Oops.) A couple hours later I found out that there was the "Great Oregon Shakeout 2012" this morning with earthquake drills all across the state, and that it's historically the biggest drill in Oregon. I guess I helped make history by particpating?)

Back on topic, mom wants to take me to buy a this afternoon. Unfortunately neither of us have that sort of money at the moment. My paycheck is too small, and she just got herself that new Honda Fit. Dangit. So my own car will have to wait. Though I can borrow mom's car when she doesn't need it.

Before finishing this post, I do just want to mention the driving school I got driving lessons from: Oregon Driver Education Center. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, and even though I don't think I actually have any readers in Oregon, I definitely recommend them to anyone who lives around Portland or Salem. My instructor was even able to help by talking as I was getting more nervous up to the final minutes approaching the test (I'd been perfectly fine earlier in the morning), and drove me home afterwards. It turns out that driving the students home is in their policy, whatever the outcome of the test.

...and I am still amazed to have my drivers license now. Wow.