Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rain music

Raindrops on window

Found at publicphoto.org
Anyone who knows anything about Oregon knows that it rains here. That is, we get A LOT of rain. As in, we're a car wash nine months of the year. At least nine months of the year.

But we didn't have much rain over the summer. In fact, after having record rain falls early in the year, we had a surprisingly dry summer. I'm not sure if we actually set records with our dry weather (I think we did set one or two records for heat though), but the news people were all over it when the rain finally returned last Friday.

The really amazing thing is that I had forgotten what rain sounded like.

How can any Oregonian forget what rain sounds like? Part of being an Oregonian is having the sound of rain stamped on your soul.

Yet our dry spell was so long that I had forgotten what it sounds like for rain to fall on the roof, roll along the gutters, and then fall onto the driveway by my bedroom window. I had forgotten that music.

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