Thursday, October 11, 2012


Be prepared for a slightly girly post...

"Like me today she wore her long brown hair braided and coiled, but the pins that held it in place were spiked steel, useful as weapons."

This is from Beka Cooper: Mastiff by Tamora Pierce, and had me giggling. My usual hair style is a knot held in place with a wooden hair stick. And if you ask my boyfriend, he'll tell you that my single dull hair stick is dangerous enough when we cuddle. The thought of a steel hair stick that's spiked...oh I'm laughing again. The lady knight wearing it probably has to let her hair down before her man will dare to so much as kiss her.

The following is from the same book.

"She was nearly as pretty as the animal [a "silky" small dog], dressed in an ankle-length tunic of cream-colored linen and a round cap of the same color. Her blond hair hung in two braids to her knees."

I confess, when I got to the bit about the hair I gasped and then sighed in envy. This despite having read the book twice before. (Yes it came out less than a year ago. What?) I love long hair, and want hair down to my knees. And while entertaining this fantasy of mine I conveniently ignore the fact that hair becomes impractical even before it's long enough to sit on, and that I don't plan to ever let it get that long again.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The best way to have long hair like that is to have a wig. Or a few wigs -- different colours, different styles -- could be fun!

Sarita Rucker said...

I've tried wigs before when I was in theater. Wigs don't like me. In fact, I get along with wigs so poorly that I played a dumb blonde as my natural brunette once. Remember the blonde from Annie? Yeah, her.

I had slightly more success with a three layer cake on top of my head. lol