Sunday, July 29, 2012

A chicken dish

The final product. Yummy.
I keep making up my own recipes. Who knew cooking could be so fun? The above is a yummy dish of chicken and mushrooms. Mainly chicken and mushrooms. :)

Bread box.

And here's my new bread box, that I got second hand for a mere $2. What does it say about me that I was so excited to get a bread box? Which I'm not actually using to store bread in?


Some chopped onion
Finely chopped garlic
Cayenne pepper (my usual secret ingredient)
Olive oil


Put oil in a pan, and saute the mushrooms and onions with the garlic, some basil, and a pinch (or two) of cayenne pepper.

I'd recommend using a larger pan is shown in the photos. I wasn't being very smart.

 Chop up the dead fowl.

Once the onions and mushrooms have been sauteing for a while, add in the chopped dead bird and continue cooking. I think I may have added in another pinch of cayenne pepper. But I may also be a nut.

The results were delicious. :)

It's interesting, on one hand I can't handle the really spicy foods, and yet I like to use enough cayenne pepper that my lips tingle when I eat.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Mmmm dead fowl, my favourite! And that's a beautiful bread box for only $2.

Toriz said...

I'll skip the dead animal meal. Sounds like it would be a great recipe, but since I don't eat animals, and my hubby doesn't like onions or mushrooms so wouldn't want it... Anyway, glad you enjoyed it.

You're allowed to be excited about a bread box. I was excited about little things like that when I first started living on my own. And anyway, getting new stuff is always exciting!

What will you put in your bread box? I used to use mine to store packets of dried fruit (raisins mostly). Yeah, I know, I'm nosy!

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- I've been eating it a lot lately.

Tori -- Sorry, the contents of the beadbox are visible in the photo, but I didn't think to tell! And don't worry, I can be nosy too. :) I've got the spices I use the most, garlic and an onion, and some sausage snacks (or whatever they're called) that I haven't opened yet. I've since added the honey. On top of the bread box is a bowl of candy, a tea bag dispenser, and a sprouting potato that I'm having fun watching.

My brother is also vegetarian, and I used to be too. But I didn't really cook too much back then. I should come up with some vegetarian stuff, for when/if my brother eats at my place, and also so that I have something to interest vegetarian readers like yourself. Maybe I'll also try something vegan... :)

Toriz said...

Cool; thanks for the description. :)

Well, if you do try any vegetarian dishes, I'd be interested in the recipes; vegan ones too. I do have some on my recipe blog (I have some recipes for non-vegetarians on theretoo; partially from when I did eat meat, and partially because of the fact my hubby eats meat and fish). But you can never have too many recipes! :)

Sarita Rucker said...

If I do come up with a yummy vegan recipe I'll most likely share it here.