Friday, July 27, 2012

Sherwood library

I was only at Sherwood library for one day, but I liked it.

It's a smallish library,and I'm told it was designed by the same artitect who made the plans for the Beaverton library. That's was easy to believe when I saw the it. It is almost as grand as the bigger library, but in a quieter way. And, it has a fireplace! There was no fire while I was there, but the fireplace itself was painted green with some earthy designs/patterns to it. Quite pretty, and it's a place I would enjoy hanging out on a cold snowy day.

The library shares a building with city offices and a donut place. My coworkers and I agreed that the donut place had very yummy stuff, and I bought coffee for my favorite coworker because she gave me a ride to work that day. And although there is no park by the library, there is a nice outdoor place with benches. It's a good place to eat your lunch, or to hang out at with a good book.

The fireplace