Sunday, July 22, 2012

The zoo

I went to the Oregon Zoo with my boyfriend today. I got some good, or relatively good, photos of a few of the many animals we saw. Here are those good ones and some semi-good ones.

Ok, I admit it, my favorites are the cats. :) Above is a bobcat on the prowl.

When we came to the cougars one was lounging and the other was wandering sort of out of sight. That is, until my boyfriend got their attention...

The cougars were unimpressed with my meowing. But Murray...he knows how to imitate a jaguar. It turns out that cougars respond to that. (It also turns out that rhinos respond to the jingle of keys because it usually means that their keepers are there with food.) In response to my boyfriend the quiet cat started moving around.

...and while they were playing, other zoo-goers started talking about the sounds they had been making prior to getting active. I didn't bother to point out that it was Murray and myself they'd been hearing.

The sun bear exhibit. I could barely see any bears, but the flowering tree was so pretty that I had to get a shot.

An elephant, seen through bamboo and leaves.Not an ideal way to view the animals, but I got the shot from here instead of a more ideal location because I thought it might make a good photo. And I think I was right.

Not sure what kind of bird this is. But it's pretty.

And I was finally FINALLY able to see the cheetahs. They've always been out of view when I've gone to see them before.

I think they're the most beautiful of the big cats. And they remind me of greyhounds, probably because they're both built for speed.

When you go to the zoo, what are your favorite animals to see?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've always been fond of giraffes and prairie dogs. The tall and the small.

Yes, your elephant shot is excellent! And your cheetah ones too.

Carmen Esposito said...

I have a preference for Lions. The cheetahs look great in that picture.

Toriz said...

I love zoos... Especially the cats; lions are my favourites, but anything from the feline family is fine by me! I also enjoy the monkeys and anything from the canine family, though the cats are my favourite!

LOL about the people not figuring out you two were making the noises. I'm pretty good at meows, and can do a noise that's sort of a cross between a purr and a meow that one of our cats used to do because her meow didn't work; that noise is pretty good at getting the attention of domestic cats anyway... Never tried it on the wild ones.