Friday, July 13, 2012

Driving and pumping gas

I had my first driving lesson today. On Friday the 13th! Nothing bad happened, though I thank the gods that my teacher had a break pedal.

It started out with us in a quiet neighborhood, and me scared to go even 10mph. Soon I became relatively comfortable, and my teacher got me on a busy street. "Let's live dangerously! Drive 40 mph." I refused. Too frightening, I said. But before two hours were up he had me going full charge ahead on a freeway.

I'd say the lesson was a success. I didn't run into anything or anyone, and driving is no longer so scary. :)

Now I'm on a highway in Washington (mom's driving), on my way to a Highland Game with mom and Tall One. Mom insisted on teaching me to pump gas just a few minutes ago. Yes I grumbled about it. No one pumps their own gas in Oregon! It's actually a law, we have to have gas station employees pump it for us. Not sure why. It can make things interesting for Oregonians traveling out of state, but that's another story.

So: my first driving lesson is done, and I now know how to pump my own gas. Something which many native Oregonians don't know how to do, I think.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, here in Edmonton My Rare One and I are going to a Highland Gathering today too! I'm jonesing real bad for the sound of the pipes.

How exciting that your first driving lesson went so well! And yes, learn how to pump gas -- it's a lifeskill in our society, LOL!

Toriz said...

Sounds pretty successful to me; well done!

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- Pumping gas isn't a life skill here in Oregon. We pay people to do that for us! :)

Toriz -- Thanks. :)