Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amazing sunset

This will probably be the last post about the Skagit Valley Games last weekend. And this isn't even about the Games, it's about the car ride up there!

There was some interesting weather, and around dusk it was getting sort of misty or foggy. It was the sort of weather that may not have been the most pleasant, but it was so beautiful and Otherworldly that I wanted to get out of that car and just enjoy it. It looked like the sort of place where the veil between the worlds was very thin, and where you might slip through and dance with fairies easily.

And yes, it looked like that from the highway. It must have been even better for those not stuck inside their cars, looking out of windows while traveling some 70mph. (Now I'm reminding myself of Clarisse from Fahrenheit 451...)

Then, there was the thunderstorm. At sunset.

I couldn't get a good photo, but Tall One had an app on his iPhone that handled the lighting better than mine did. So I eventually left the photography to him, and just enjoyed the view. The following photo is his, and yes it is lightning over the sunset.

Courtesy of my brother Tall One

FYI, Tall One has captured lightning with a camera before, though this time he was taking video on his iPhone and then got this photo from there.

There was supposed to be a thunderstorm the following day during the Games, but luckily the storm was a ways off and we only heard some distant rumbling. :)


Toriz said...

And did you see any fairies?

Sarita Rucker said...

Alas, no.