Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Dead animal"

In my last post about food I kept referring to the chicken as "dead fowl" or "dead bird." There's a bit of a story behind that...

When I was in my early-ish teens my mom started calling beef/steak/hamburger/etc. "dead cow." I don't know why, she just did. I think it turned into a sort of a joke.

But really, that's all that meat is. It's a hunk of dead animal.

Chopped up dead chicken, ready for cooking!

Then I turned vegetarian, basically for ethical reasons, and mom's coworkers said it was no wonder. After all, she would say "Dead cow for dinner!" I think I started something, because Tall One also became vegetarian. Mom tried it twice, but she couldn't stick with it. Some people need meat to be healthy, and that's the case with her.

As you may have noticed from my meat filled recipes, I'm not vegetarian anymore. My dietary needs changed and, like my mom, I now have to eat meat. (I also can't eat nearly as much dairy as I once ate and thrived on. A fact which can seriously annoy me.) I sort of was kicking and screaming about having to abandon vegetarianism when I started eating meat again, but I had always said that if you need to eat meat, then do so. So, I did.

Tall One is still vegetarian though. I'm sometimes slightly jealous of that fact, but I have to admit that my meat is tasty. Especially bacon...yummy bacon. :)

And although I usually don't call my food "dead cow" or "dead bird" or "dead whatever"...I occasionally still do. Mainly to be funny. But also, maybe, to remind myself where my food comes from.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Bacon makes the world go 'round.

Toriz said...

You can usually get everything you need in your diet from animal free sources. According to a couple of different dietitians I've seen, I seem to be doing alright with it anyway. I tried eating meat because it's easier to get iron from red meat, but I just ended up feeling so sorry for my dinner that I'd get maybe half way through it before I was crying and giving it to the dog. So I went back to being a vegetarian. Better for me to do my best with vegetarian meals than to just grab junk food because I'm hungry after not being able to finish my dead animal dinner, I think.

Toriz said...

P.S. I'm sorry you had little choice but to start eating animals again. :(

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- Yes it does!

Tori -- Yes, people can usually do ok without meat, but that's usually. Not always. If you're feeling healthy then I'm happy for you. :) I know my brother manages fine, and I have a friend (The Belly Dancer) who was vegan for a few years.

And eating meat doesn't bother me anymore. Sometimes I have some mild regrets, but I remind myself that it's necessary. Also yummy! Bacon... :)