Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tigard library

Did you think that I had forgotten that I wanted to write about the libraries in my county? Nope, not quite. I got side tracked is all. :) Unfortunately I don't think I'll have any more photos, because I didn't bother getting photos of all the libraries. And those I did get pics of I've already written about.

The Tigard library is rather nice. Funny thing is, I used to go within blocks of it all the time, and yet never saw it. It's right near bus line 78 which I would always take to a community college, and it's also within walking distance of a train station. So I can't think about Tigard library without thinking of those facts.

This library is one of the few that has two stories, and has both open to the public. It has wide open windows with a wonderful view, overlooking a small field and wetlands area. I really wish I had photographed that to share here, but oh well.

I clearly remember the adult media section. (Adult meaning for grownups as opposed to for children. Don't think dirty thoughts!) I don't think it was any bigger than any other library, and we did manage to tag (remember I was putting RFID tags in the materials) all the adult DVDs in one day, but I think that section is burned into my memory somehow. And unlike the other libraries, I think Tigard focuses on keeping the most popular and/or newer movies on their shelves. Not a bad thing, when patrons can request older and less popular movies be brought in from other libraries. Which they can. And do, I'm sure.

There's also a foyer with a donut shop.

Coffee, donuts, and books. A good combination, so long as you wash your hands after eating. :)


Toriz said...

I'm not keen on coffee - actually, I hate the stuff. But I'm up for doughnuts and books, and pretty sure they'll sell cocoa or something... ;)

Sarita Rucker said...

I think I've yet to find a coffee place that doesn't also sell hot chooclate.