Saturday, August 25, 2012

Going barefoot

I guess this can be a sort of Pagan topic, and it's the latest from Pagan Blog Prompts.

How do you feel about going barefoot?
Do you? When, how? Where? And of course, why?

I love love love looooove going barefoot. I even considered naming this blog to reflect that fact, but the name(s) I came up with were already in use elsewhere online.

So, do I go barefoot? Yes.

When? Not as much as I used to, but when I'm wearing sandals I like to kick them off when it's convenient (or not) to go barefoot, especially when there's green grass nearby. In past years I've worked on toughening up my feet on hot concrete and asphalt. I haven't done that so much this year.

How? By kicking my shoes off, of course.

Where? When there's some green grass, or even on the sidewalk. Especially on campus, on the long walk between the bus stop and classes. Why stick to sandals and the sidewalk when the grass is calling me?

Why? Perhaps the most important question of all. I'd like to say it's because I feel more of a connection with the earth when I'm barefoot. Maybe that's partially true. More likely I enjoy the feeling of being tough enough for my feet to handle asphalt.

Mostly, though, it's because I think that going barefoot in the lush green grass is one of the greatest pleasures in life.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

When I was 18, I burned my bare feet walking on ashphalt -- burned and blistered. Not fun.

Carmen Esposito said...

I love going barefoot. Unfortunately, I don't get to do it that often. I especially love the feel of my bare feet on grass. What ends up happening is that I take off my shoes at the office. Thankfully, I have my own office so most people don't notice.

Sarita Rucker said...

Debra -- Ouch. Big time ouch. I've been careful not to do that.

Carmen -- I've gotten away with going barefoot at previous jobs a couple times. I don't dare try it in this job though. The consequences might be unpleasant, plus I KNOW I would get in trouble.

Anonymous said...

Oh, me, I go barefoot as often as I can. I'm with you, Sarita. There's just something...sweet about being able to actually touch the ground. When I tend to touch the ground. ;)