Sunday, August 12, 2012

West Slope Library

Naturally my loyalties lie with my home library. My home library, where I have volunteered for years, where my brother also volunteers and where my mom works, is my absolute favorite. But if not for that loyalty, West Slope would be my favorite.

Funny thing is, it doesn't have anything on my list of what a perfect library ought to have. Well, other than books and other cool materials. It has plenty of those things. :) But it doesn't have big windows, a coffee shop, or a fireplace.

What it does have is that it is a small place that is very cozy. That's the first thing I noticed when I walked in, is how comfy it is. There's no way you can get that coziness in a bigger library. It's also smack in the middle of a neighborhood, I think it's the only one surrounded pretty much exclusively by people's homes. And a park! You can't forget the park right next door to it. Oh, and an elementary school behind it. But no businesses, no city offices. It's all neighborhood and a public school.

Maybe that's why I like it so much. Maybe it's the feel that comes from a place that is surrounded by that environment. I enjoyed working there, and would love to get a permanent job at that place.

I feel like I should do more to describe West Slope library, but I don't know how without photos, and I don't have any. Oh, except for this.


On a picnic bench outside the library someone engraved WHY GOD into the wood.

So, I have a question. Have you ever had a list of what a perfect place would have, only to find that your favorite (or second favorite) place doesn't have any of those things? And that instead, something else entirely makes it perfect?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The "Why God" picnic table rocks! Whoever carved the words did a good job -- look at the artistic G.

Have never had a checklist for a perfect place. But I know one when I see one!

Sarita Rucker said...

I didn't really have a checklist either, until I started writing about the libraries. There are still one or two that I might write about.