Monday, August 6, 2012


The latest from Pagan Blog Prompts:

For those who perform rituals, do you give offerings? If so, what kind?

What is the meaning/purpose of offerings?

I'm not big on rituals, but I do give offerings sometimes. Usually food of some sort, which is always something that I would eat myself. Bread, a muffin, potatoes, herbs that I've dried, candy. That sort of thing. And of course, only the best.

I give the offerings to deities, land spirits, weather spirits, fey...and I think that covers it. Sometimes it's just to show my appreciation in general, sometimes I have a request. Of course, because it is a gift, the offering is given regardless of whether they'll listen to me.

Though I will tell you, I've noticed that the worst of the thunderstorms have never been centered around my home in the last couple years.


Toriz said...

I usually make a meal to have after whatever ritual I'm giving the offering during, and give whoever or whatever the offering is for some of my meal. There was an old tradition where the first bite and best piece of food was given to the person, spirit or diety the people considered to be most important (be it by leaving it as an offering or giving it physically to someone) so I suppose it's a form of that.

Sarita Rucker said...

I have a friend who used to offer some of her dinner every day. I'm assuming she still does, though she doesn't live near me anywhere so I don't know for sure.