Friday, August 3, 2012

Traditional marriage

With the latest discussions about whether gays (and bisexuals who fall for their own gender) should get married, I think it's important to address what traditional marriage really is. After all, that's what all the fuss is about, right? Keeping the traditional marriage intact so that it isn't destroyed.

So I've decided to share a video about traditional marriage made a few months ago by John Green. I'm fairly certain he's a Christian, and unless my memory fails me he wanted to be a minister at one point.

I'm sorry, there are some visuals that my blind reader(s) will miss, where he illustrates his points with kid toys. Yeah, John's a dad, and he uses what's on hand. :)

And he didn't even mention Jacob, who married both of his cousins and also fathered children by their slaves. That's another example of traditional marriage for you.

On a related note, I have wondered how gay employees of Chick-fil-A have been handling things lately, and I found something written by one of them. You might want to follow the link, it looks pretty horrendous.