Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cedar Mill libraries

Next in my tour of the libraries, is Cedar Mill.

Cedar Mill is pretty unique in that it's a non-profit 501-C3. It's also not run by a city, and it's one of the few to have a branch. I've already written about the other two that have a branch: Beaverton and Hillsboro.

The main library is in a building that I've been told used to be a shopping center. And although it doesn't have a coffee shop, it does have a second hand shop that's part of it. But the awesome thing about the shop? What money doesn't go towards keeping the shop going goes directly to the library. Shopping there is a fun way to support a library.

(The second hand shop is not to be confused with a shop selling the work of local crafters that shares the building, however. It's not part of the library, though it does have some awesome stuff.)

The branch library is in Bethany village. It may have been my favorite to work at since it's right near a Starbucks (coffee!!!) and one or two delicious restaurants. Our boss actually took us to lunch at an Indian place right on the corner that's delicious. It's one of those places with shops on ground level and apartments above them. Rather cozy. The branch is really small, and although they have a bit of everything they've chosen to focus on kids books.

Random odd fact: Hindi is the second most common language spoken in the Bethany area, and the selection you'll find at the Cedar Mill branch reflects this.

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