Friday, August 24, 2012

Bacon and rice dish


Bacon grease
Cayenne pepper powder
Garlic powder


Cook bacon to get bacon grease, and be sure to use some cayenne pepper powder. I did this earlier in the day, then refrigerated it all. Correction: I refrigerated the bacon that I didn't eat. :)

Also cook the rice, unless you bought it precooked like I did. Yes, I'm lazy when it comes to rice.

Cut up the onion and mushrooms. Put some of the bacon grease in a pan, and sauté. Add a generous amount of cayenne pepper, a not quite generous amount of garlic powder, and go light on the basil and chives.

Once this is nicely sautéed add the bacon and rice. Continue cooking until they are warmed, them serve.

This actually turned out better than I had expected. I hadn't expected it to be a blog worthy recipe.

All photos are either of the ingredients or the final dish. :)