Monday, December 31, 2012

50/50, percentages, and Kinsey scale

When looking at things that other bisexuals have written online I sometimes see mention of being attracted to both genders "50/50".

This always seems weird to me. I mean, on one hand I understand it, since I know what they mean: equal attraction to both genders. And yet...

Does it mean that the 50/50 person likes half of all the men they meet, and half of all the women they  meet? Ok, that's an obvious no, but it's what always pops into my head.

Similarly, earlier this year I read a novel in which a character assures a woman she is safe from him because he's gay. Shortly thereafter he makes advances towards her, and explains that he's actually 90% gay and 10% straight...and I was left wondering how in the world can someone put such neat little numbers on attraction??

(The numbers may be wrong, but you get the point. Also, I'd say this character is bisexual, with a strong preference for men. But the book was written in 1980 and I don't think "bisexual" was used much then, so I'll forgive the author.)

It just amazes me at how some people talk about 50/50 or try to do percentages. And yeah, I think I've seen some bisexuals also talk in terms of percentages. Come to think of it, the Kinsey scale is another form of trying to put a neat number on who and you're attracted to, and it seems that most bisexuals can tell you where they are on it.

Maybe this will eventually make sense to me. In the meantime, it seems weird. And don't ask me where I am on the Kinsey scale, because I honestly don't have an answer. But maybe that's why I don't get it. Maybe I'm confused because I'm unable to figure out my own Kinsey scale number.

Or maybe that's just me making excuses for why I'm not following the crowd.

I wonder how many straight guys put a percentage on how many redheads versus blondes they're attracted to.

Redheads vs. Blondes

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think you gets to know your place on the Kinsey Scale with time and experience. However, I've seen more than one person trip over the Kinsey Scale and discover the percentages are not what they thought they were, LOL!

I'm a Kinsey 5.9 and I think that's pretty firm!

Sarita Rucker said...

Well I already figured out that I wasn't a firm 0. Now I suspect that I'm more in the middle, but I'm not sure where in the middle.

I'm not sure that my exact number really matters though.