Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mid 20's crises?

I'm 23 now and will turn 24 in three months. I'll be in my mid-20's. That's like a quarter of the way through my life. What have I done with it so far? NOTHING?????

...and that's what was going through my head last night at like 2am. I may finally understand why some people freak out at their birthdays.

Once I calmed down I started realizing that I do have some accomplishments that are worth noting. Such as...

1) Competing with the chorus Pride of Portland for several years.
2) Getting a poem published in magazine Cricket.

...and that's where I start to go blank. What are my accomplishments anyways? I guess I'm good with needle and thread...I know I'm a good

But I'm still living with my parents, am unemployed, and I don't actually have a college degree yet despite having attended college for a decent number of years. I blame the latter on my having too fun taking random classes at Portland Community College. Which was a nice education...but it didn't come with any sort of degree.

Maybe I just don't know where I want to go in life? My freaking out was about what I haven't done rather than about where I'm going...but my not having a clear goal (or the fact that I keep finding my clear goals are never what I really want) could be why I feel like I haven't done much so far.

I don't even know what the point of this post is. Other than to say that it's weird to suddenly realize that I'll no longer be in my early 20's, but in my mid-20's.


Magaly Guerrero said...

Don't know what to tell you. I will be 36 in four months and I feel pretty young. Maybe the older you get the younger you feel, and by 'you' I mean 'me' lol

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I think many mid-20-somethings have a "quarter-life crisis," as it's called. Setting a goal to work toward might help focus things a bit.

Sarita Rucker said...

Magaly -- I'm still feeling young...I just feel like I'm old enough to have done more things by now. I guess. Anyways I'm calming down. :)

Debra -- I'd never heard of a quarter-life crisis.