Friday, December 7, 2012

More on books

Yesterday I shared what books I brought with me when I moved back in with my parents. Today I have photographs.


Even though this is more than I brought with me, it still isn't very many. They do all fit though, minus one. The Left Hand of Darkness is jutting out over the edge of the shelves, and it's so fragile that I don't want to try to cram it into a tight spot. It's been well loved.

A dragon, Scorch, protects my books.

There is barely enough room for these books. Yet I still wish I had more with me. I want some of my Juliet Marillier books, and I was recently frustrated when I wanted to read up on mythology but didn't have any relevant books close at hand. Maybe I should have brought some of my Pagan books with me.

I have happy daydreams of recovering the rest of my books from storage and keeping them under my bed. But I've already got my crafty stuff stored under my bed so I doubt that'll happen.

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