Sunday, December 2, 2012

Finals: a horror story

I'm watching my mom and brother prepare for finals weeks. And it's strange to not be doing anything myself for finals, so I am going to instead share a horror story.

The story actually starts the evening before my math exam. My brother's first pipe band had their final practice for the year and a pot luck that evening. So I did last minute studying while listening to pipe music, and then I got to eat yummy food.

Only problem was...I was vegetarian. And most main dishes at pot lucks aren't vegetarian. So I wound up eating the deserts. In fact, I ate a lot of deserts.

I may have slightly gotten on a sugar high and had trouble getting to sleep that night.

The next morning my math exam was at 8am. Why I chose to take a math class at 8am when I'm not a morning person and I don't like math is beyond me. But that's what I did.

So I was tired, had some coffee that morning (probably before the exam), and was trying to focus, after having stayed up slightly late on a sugar high the night before. Not exactly ideal circumstances for taking an exam.

To make it worse, I wound up stuck on this one problem and was the last student taking the exam. I kid you not, I was the last person in that classroom aside from the professor. The professor even wound up telling me to take a break and go for a walk.

I did take a get more coffee. I should probably mention here that this professor did not approve of coffee and was none to pleased to see me walking back into his classroom with my small white chocolate mocha.

After finishing, the best thing I could say was that the exam was over. I wasn't too pleased with how I had done on it, and was apprehensive about that one problem. Perhaps I was more concerned than I should have been, since it was only one problem, but I was rather focused on it.

I wound up with a B in that class. These days I would say that's a decent grade, but at the time I was making mostly A's and said that B is for Bad. So I wasn't pleased. Still, I hadn't been doing my best in that class anyways, and in retrospect I guess the sugar high and getting stuck on that one problem probably didn't hurt me too badly.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I remember the days when I thought a B wasn't a good mark either. Crazy! B's a great mark.

Sarita Rucker said...

At the time I had a high enough GPA that the B wasn't good for it.

Since then I have ceased to be an honors student (don't ask why, I'm also puzzled), and a B wouldn't do much of anything negative to my GPA anymore. Alas.