Sunday, December 16, 2012

Expanding my horizons

Boiled Shrimp by yamada taro
I mentioned briefly before that am on doctor's orders to eat more fish because my HDL cholesterol is way low. I think I also mentioned that I have a long history of not liking fish, except for tuna salad.

My boyfriend has been very concerned about my weight loss. He wants to make sure that I eat right now that I'm on my "fish diet" as I'm calling it, which also includes seafood. To this end, Murray took me to a seafood restaurant for a date a few days ago.

He's taken me to this place once before and I liked it. But I was still a little apprehensive. Not about the company, but about what my taste buds would say. Even though I enjoyed the food there before, I wasn't sure that I would like my second meal there. I had thought there couldn't be many seafood dishes that I would appreciate.

The waitress, after being told about my "fish diet" and that I don't tend to like fish, recommended a sample platter. That way I could figure out what I might like. Much to my shock, I enjoyed everything on my plate. Even the shrimp! My least favorite was the chicken, which says something about how good everything else (all seafood) was.

And the crab cake...Murray sampled my crab cake, and said that he has not tasted better in his travels on three different continents. So now I'm apparently completely spoiled on crab cakes. :)

I'm finding I can enjoy fish and seafood. Or some fish anyways (not catfish), and seafood that's prepared to my tastes. Who knew?


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I'm not a big fish or seafood eater either, but I DO love crabcakes! Glad you're expanding your culinary horizons. Hurray for Murray for helping you to discover new restaurants.

Sarita Rucker said...

He tends to take me to places I haven't eaten before. Including this one pub downtown with absolutely heavenly food. I've managed to return the favor (or begin to return the favor) by introducing him to an amazing Chinese restaurant near my home.